Educate consumers through first-hand experience

Product Sampling Facts

Quantitative studies shows


Product sampling is a primary method that can secure up to 70% first-purchase conversion.


Product sampling when properly executed, generates average 30% second-purchase conversion.


Research has identified product sampling can maintain resilient brand loyalty

Drive Sales & Repeated Purchase From Sampling
Quantitative studies have shown that product sampling when properly executed, can secure up to 70% first-purchase conversion and on average, generate 30% second-purchase conversion. Depending on strategy and location selections, you can expect your product sampling campaigns to deliver immediate sales uplift. While it’s expected a significant number may be impulse purchases and possibly one-off purchases, it’s also likely to expect that a significant percentage of consumers who will continue to purchase after the initial product sample introduction has been made.
Trial Experience overcomes ‘Narrow-Mindedness Shopping’
Our busy lifestyle often results in many cases of ‘grab and go’ while shopping for grocery, further aggravating repetitive buying behaviour. In-store trial creates the opportunity for consumers to widen their choices and possibly alter buying and consumption patterns. Placing a physical product in consumers’ hands and minds allows companies to extend their key selling message. The consumer has an opportunity to re-evaluate her perception of a product and the experience of trial leads to a positive attitude toward that product and increases the probability of purchase. Sampling gives customers a sense of understanding and experience with an unknown product before they commit to buy.
Overcome the risk of buyer opportunity cost
Product sampling to new consumers overcomes the risk of buyer opportunity cost, winning new consumers and increases sales. Everybody loves to get something for free. And when you receive a sample of something you’re not familiar with, not only is there no financial risk, there’s also the anticipation of discovering something you’d like to taste, use, or experience again. Consumers face a risk vs. reward decision for every purchase they make when they switch to another brand which they already familiar with though these products may not be necessarily be of better quality, but still create repetitive buying behaviour, making it difficult for new brands to win market share, owing to lack of consumer confidence.
Increased Brand Exposure From Sampling
With the right selection of sampling avenues and targeted group of consumers, sampling provides the platform to engage them for continuing growth for your brand. In-store trials introduce your products to consumers at a time when they can to try and make a purchase.
Educate Consumers through First-Hand Experience
With a good product, product trial & demonstration offers the first hand opportunity to educate prospective customers the intrinsic benefits of your brand, change beliefs and convert them to loyal customers.