According to a study done by Bain & Co., on the average, using 3rd party merchandisers costs 23% less than employing a direct sales force.

  • Timely replenishment of stocks increases maximum shelf visibility, availability & reduce out of stock situation
  • Achieve best ROI possible through improved operations efficiency
  • Broader and faster coverage with increased flexibility

Capitalise On The Efficiency Of A Shared Workforce

Optimize your merchandising expenditures with our nation-wide full channels coverage and network of merchandisers who serve more than one brand in any given store.

By focusing on your requirements and products specifications, deployment schedules are planned and executed to ensure your products reach the best point of sale in-store efficiently:

  • Maintaining excellent visibility of the goods through regular on-site visits
  • Monitor the rotation of goods
  • Order placements
  • Trade activities
  • Compliance of product positioning

Dedicated Merchandising Workforce Ready To Work Exclusively For Your Brands

  • Payroll, Human Resource and Field Force Management
  • Management of merchandising specialists on client’s behalf:
    recruitment, training, scheduling, deployment, in-field support and monitoring.
  • Administrating labour contracts:
    payroll, compensation, regulatory contributions, levies and benefits

Providing a Extra help As And When Required
Additional resources support for seasonal and objective driven projects

  • Re-planogram
  • Store Audits
  • Sales Blitz
  • Festive Set Ups
  • High Season Sales Peaks
  • Staff Substitution during annual leave
  • Transportation and placement of POS materials
  • Providing Waste Management – removing damaged packaging and products off the shelves, arranging the return of goods